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    Default Achilles Tendon Injury

    I tore my Achilles Tendon 2.5 years ago, it took me 6 - 12 months to recover, but I haven't really fully recovered until now, it will never be the same like before for sure. I can play badminton like before though, but I'm a lot more cautious. It was the worst experience ever and I don't want it to happen anymore.

    It was definitely a lesson learned for me, and I'd like to share it with everyone. Hopefully it's useful.

    1. It started with continuous inflammation around the area, it hurt after playing or when I woke up in the morning, but I kept playing.
    2. I saw a Podiatry regularly for treatment, but I should have rested and wait until it fully recovered before playing again.
    3. I was a little over weight.
    4. I was playing on the very sticky court when the injury happened.
    5. I was trying too hard to win the game, I was pushing it and didn't realize my condition.
    6. I did warm up and stretched before playing by the way, so don't assume it won't happen if you warm up.

    Information about Achilles Tendon:

    Best of luck to Wong Chong Han, he's a very nice guy, I met him at the last World Championship, he's very friendly.

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    1) is great advice on a warning signal. I wonder how many AT snaps there have been without this symptom.

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