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    Actually it is simple if you follow the logic of releasing pent-up energy slowly. The best way to release this energy is to release it a little at a time with the minimal impact on the frame and strings. You do this by placing a pair of scissors somewhere in the middle of the stringbed, then cut one main/cross intersection, in a diagonal pattern, on the lower end followed by another cut at the top end, also diagonally. You then go down diagonally, then up again, alternating between up and down, until you reach the one corner at the top and the other corner at the bottom. You start from the middle because the cut strings here will release the energy very slowly to have any adverse effect on the frame, which is still a long way away from the initial cutting of the strings. All cuts are on the main/cross intersection. If you cut the string first near the frame the frame will suffer a shock.
    It also depends on the tension of your racquet. Modern racquets with very low tension can withstand any possible deformation without cutting the strings. However, with high tensions, you must cut the strings immediately, unless your racquet is an E-1000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongReach
    Where's Taneepak when you need him, lol

    There ya go boyz!

    I will do it like that from now on......just to be on the safer makes sense.

    I think Taneepak has got a 'sixth sense' to add to his list of credentials!

    Now you guys know how to summon the master, just write what is quoted above and .........shaa bam! he will appear!

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