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    Default Yonex "Pro" shoes


    I remember reading in one of our threads that there was a concensus that Yonex shoes were good but not as durable as say, Asics.

    Bottom line was to buy Yonex shoes if they were of the "Pro" line.

    I diligently took that advice and got the Pro 99 and ive never regretted it. I've worn out several insoles but the shoes are great.

    Does anyone know if that adage still holds, though? I cant find any new Yonex shoes with a "Pro" designation except for the silver 99 Pro special edition and I find that a little too showy.

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    I read somewhere on this forum (don't remember where exactly) that the "Pro" line is a Southeast Asia only release by Yonex. The more mainstream line is the SHB series.

    I think they abandoned the "Pro" line already as I haven't seen any models lately. I have the Pro 99. The fit is great, the gum soles hardly show any wear after two years of use. The weak point of the shoe is the adhesive they used for the soles. I constantly have to super-glue the gum sole back to the foam part of the sole.

    If you're "upgrading", you're only choice is the SHB 99. The SHB 99 don't fit me as well as the Pro 99, so I bought myself Mizunos.

    Hope this helps.

    btw, I think the silver Pro 99 limited edition you're referring to is the SHB99 Limited Edition. I think it's too flashy too, the regular version is more understated.

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