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    Default Just finished the regionals tournament in our school board

    Came out quarterfinalists. Not too bad at all.


    1st match, we had played the guys before and they were just not on our level. Beat them pretty badly without trying. 15 - 8, 15 - 4

    2nd match, played the eventual bronze medalists. They were quite a bit better than us. One of the players we had played already during the season and lost to him and a different partner badly.

    3rd match, into consolation and can't lose another match, so a bit of extra pressure. We were playing on a show court so it was really live. Guys were just not our level and we beat them without trying much but we practised a few trick shots and such to give them some freebie points and to entertain the crowd.


    4th match, was a little nervous. Our C team from our school (we're the B team) lost to these opponents the last time they played. I would say we're better than the C guys but then they've played us so many times that they move before we even hit our shots. Anyway the C guys were weak players at all so I was a little distressed that they lost. However they were not the opponents I expected. I got extremely mad because I killed a shot at the net where my racquet came extremely close and the bird hit the net, so there was a *twap* sound. Our opponents said I touched the net which I was CERTAIN I did not do. We gave them the point but I was extremely angry and told him to watch closely next time in a rude manner.

    5th match, we played twins. We lost to them before. Not badly but we lost. It was show court again. This time we were playing NECK to NECK. I was playing UNBELIEVABLY. All my net shots were perfect and I even heard some people in the audience make remarks. My partner however was sadly not himself. He usually had great kills from the back. Either a PERFECT dropshot or a smash in a smart location but he missed quite a few. We got to 14 -14 in the first set. We had first serve but our opponents had 14 first and they obviously chose to play 3 points. We both missed our serves and lost the game 14 - 17.

    Second game, they took an early lead, but we caught up to 9 - 9 when they pulled away again. We lost by 3 once again, 12 - 15. It was a great match though and an excellent end to the tournament even if we didn't qualify (top 4) for the metros tournament. I made fun of them all day, asking if they had telepathic powers, and saying that me and my partner were working on it ourselves so that they won't have the edge next time around.

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    wut school board are u?
    im in York Region

    we had our regionals on apr.11
    came out first place ^.^
    apr.27 is the finals..

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