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    I would just like to take a poll on what racquet a person uses and what their playing style is.

    Singles/Doubles: Yonex Isometric Slim 10

    I prefer an offensive game for both singles and doubles. At every opportunity to smash i take it. However one might say that the Slim 10 isn't really for offensive doubles play which is true in a sense that a smashes with the racquet from the back court doesn't produce as much power. However after my partner and I got beaten by a team which didn't smash at all in two games (they were on the offense too, and believe me we gave them lots of opportunities to smash) I've been trying to learn an offensive game without smashing (as much). Due to the rumored durability of the Slim 10 I may be switching soon to an ISO TI SP or a Ti-10.

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    Doubles, cab 22. more for forecourt play. I am not a rear court specialist

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    singles:forza power thing(no idea of the name, but its made of kevlar graphite!)


    i play an aggressive style....whenever the opportunity arises, i smash...

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