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    i've just thought of another time i dive... well its more of a collapse than a dive. when im playing a hard singles game which goes to 3 sets and i'm really tired, i might just like dive or land on the floor if i have to get to the net very quickly. what happens is because i have leapt my legs give way and it turns into a dive.

    would you class this as a dive or just falling over?

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    haha, yes i get injured but none of it is really serious. Also, none of it is from diving i can promise you haha! For the record though I didn't really start diving until I started training to be more competitive. If your playing at the highschool or beginner levels, generally, your not going to be diving. Unless you play volleyball. Also diving is like riding a bicycle, you fall scrape your knees at first but once you learn you do it easily.

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