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    Default GCSE Coursework: Badminton Task Form

    OK first of all Hi, I'm new here.

    My scenario is this.

    I am currently studying GCSE Physical Education at my school in the UK. As part of my final grade, I need to create a 6 week training programme for a player in badminton.

    To do this, I have assessed the player, his strengths and weaknesses, and I need to develope four training excercises for each weakness. In brief, I noted these weaknesses;

    1. Short serves do not reach area infront of service line and often clip the net.
    2. Drop shots; same problem with short serves.
    3. Through playing against my subject, I have found that he would benefit greatly from being able to disguise his tactics, or use wider shot selections.

    What I need, is some advice as to what 12 practises I should use to develop these weaknesses to make my player a better player.


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    Lol i just did that last year
    For your coursework do u have to do all 12 practises for technique or fitness?
    Because in my coursework i wrote about the player not having enough agility aswell as him not being able to hit the shuttle

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    All those weaknesses signify a lack of consistency, probably due to a poor stroke cycle for 2. & 3. and probably not "knowing" what he is doing with regards to the technique in point 1..

    For point 1. He needs to be explained what the sequences of executing a good serve are, and sticking to that sequence to develop the consistency in length and flight.

    For points 2&3 the correct stroke cycle needs to be shown and taught. And repeated many times. Then he needs to hit the shuttle whilst practising the stroke cycle. Many people cannot hit the required length on drop as they hit to late and disturb their stroke cycle, which means the shuttl is hit horizontal, then falls flat, or even with a slight upward trajectory to begin with. If the shuttle is hit at the highest point of the stroke cycle with a continuous motion, then the shuttle will consistently reach the service line +-6inch with decent pace.

    Point 3 will become improved with the stroke cycle as it is likely that you and others can recognise the disruption to his stroke cycle and "see" the drop shot coming or a clear coming.

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