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    Quote Originally Posted by ctjcad
    Hmm, just for some info...It's actually "illegal" for an Indonesian citizen to have dual citizenship...Their "law" said, an Indonesian citizen won't be allowed to continue or extend their passport if they have applied for another citizenship, esp. if that person is trying to apply for an American citizenship..But of course, it's an Indonesian "law" and anything is possible...hehe
    I know quite a lot of Indonesian passport-owner which have dual passports/citizenships, with an American citizenship, but not revealing it...But i guess, as long as one doesn't reveal it to the Indonesian govt./consulate, i guess it's no problemo...
    i saw in tv chandra/tony's flag icon is indonesia, and also there's no country name on the back of their tshirts

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    any body know what type of racquet Tony is using. He use to use MP100 for many years but in IO hes using one of the newer ones. Anyone know?

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