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    Piedmont Hills

    Default Badminton coach needed for bayarea team

    <html>the coach for piedmont hills badminton team has quit this year. now since we have no coach, we might not have a team for the year of 2001. if anyone is interested in coaching a high school team and lives in san jose, please reply, or email me at thank you

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    Default RE: Badminton coach needed for bayarea team

    Would love to coach a high school team.

    But I live in Oakland.
    I thought Piedmont Hills was in east bay. Shows what I know.

    Wonder how far the commute is?


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    Default RE: Badminton coach needed for bayarea team

    I know of a chief coach for a state team in Malaysia who wish to coach overseas. How much is the salary and will accommodationa and food be provided?

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