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    Default How do cloned Yonex shoes compare?

    Just a quick question:

    How do cloned Yonex shoes (eg. Fleet) compare to the real thing?

    I know that shoes is one of the most important investments when it comes to badminton (compared to a racquet), so I was just wondering how these clones compare to the real thing.

    Has anyone tried these:


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    HAhaha... I guess that shoe was the one my friend was talking about. I believe that shoe is pretty good for the price. The Fleet one and the Apac one. Both has a clone on the Yonex 'disco' shoe. I call it disco shoe coz it looks like one. But if u ask me, I'll get that shoe if I'm looking for a new shoe because my old one's down... My friend is quite a reliable source. xD Used to be in the National team training but quit due to various reasons.

    Good choice for the price you pay!

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