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    Default TiPro60 vs Ti-10

    which one is better for an arm player? i have been playing for about 4 years and uptil now have been using a carbonex 8. the tipro60 is much cheaper and seems to be titanium reinforced at the same place as the ti-10.
    thanks for all the replies!

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    Default Re: TiPro60 vs Ti-10

    Most say that the Ti is just a gimmick. I find that it reduces shock..... Anyhow, thats my own opinion. The Ti Pro 60 and the Ti-10 are both rackets that were my no.1 before. The Ti-10 i find is better than the Ti Pro 60 as it has a larger sweetspot and has a heavier head for harder smashing.

    The Ti-10 in my opinion is a better arm racket as it has a heavier head better for arm strength. But for me, i suggest that you try to change to being a wrist player. You'll be able to do much better with your wrist than your arm


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