My Tale of Woe
I've been unable to play badminton since about March becasue of problems with my elbow and then damaging ligaments in my foot. It's been a bad few months and those of you have who've had to go without playing for a few months know what I'm talking about (sleepless nights, sweaty hands not to mention an expanding stomach - dim sum mmmmmmm)

I'm starting to be able to play again and I'm looking for some partners to play some non-competetive games against. I don't think I could manage an hour of singles so I am hoping to play doubles.

My Happy Ending (Hopefully)
I work in the Aldgate/Whitechapel area and I was thinking of playing at lunchtimes in the sports centre just behind Whitechapel station. The cost of the court is about 8 and there is a 50p entry fee.

Evening games are bit more tricky for me at present but might be possible in future.

So, is anyone interested in playing some friendly games at about 12.30 or so next week?