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    Default GUys i need some help on my newly bought stringing machine....

    hey guys!

    I just came back from china and i bought a new eagnas flex 920 stringing machine (a machine very similar to dink alot). However, I am having A TON of trouble learning to use the clam becuase im not use to using the swivel clamp and the clamp keeps sagging down after i release the weights. Whats the problem? am i clamping wrong? or do i need to add springs to the clamps like dink alot did? Thanks for taking the time to help you guys and i would appreciate immediate reponses ASAP! thanks AGAIN!

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    You're referring to tensioning the first main? If so, what I do is to just hold up the clamp level with the stringbed as I tension the string. I've an electronic head, so that also makes it slightly easier; but, I've done it with a crank, too, with no issue.

    Other than that time at the beginning, the clamps shouldn't sag because the tension of the stringbed.

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