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In a swedish championship I watched a MD where one of the pairs managed to break the strings on all of their rackets in the same game They had 3 each.....ended up with them having to borrow rackets from some of the spectators (juniors in the club) to finish the match. And then it was a rush to the stringing machine before the next round later in the day
In the final of the mixed doubles of the Danish open in 2004, Nathan Robertson broke the string on all his racquets and even all of Gail Emms' spare racquets.

I think one of the coaches went off to try and get some re-strung for him, but they didn't get back in time before he broke the last one. In the end one of the officials put some Yonex racquets near his bag and he ended up having to use one of those.

In view of the fact that's he's sponsored by Carlton I should imagine that they weren't very pleased with him. It was really funny though watching him on the court trying to hide the Yonex logo!

By the way, does anyone know which tournament it was when KKK had to leave the court to get a new racquet? I would love to see that!