What are some doubles formations you know of?

It'll be cool if we compile a list of tactics/formation and give them NAMES also!!!

For example, I notice Erikssen/Lungard uses an almost side-by-side formation when receiving serves. Haven't really think about the benefits of doing so though. Perhaps, it's meant for driving the serve to the side and immediately Erikssen/Lungard will each cover their own side in attempt to cut everything off at the mid-front court?

Let's call this ESL formation (Erikssen-Side-of-Lungard).

Guess it'll be good to put this in a format:

Name: Erikssen-Side-of-Lungard (ESL) formation
Description: When receiving serve, take up a side-by-side position.
Purpose: Return service with a push down the line, then maintain offense by immediately covering each side of the player's court, aiming to intercept any fast returns or kill any weak returns at mid-front court.

This is just an example, obviously we need to fine-tune the description as well as the purpose as we do more analysis.