I just want to start to thank everyone who works hard to get Badminton Central be the web site that it is... It is such a wonderful web site. I've learned more about badminton here in one month than all my life playing badminton.

Suggestion: Probably some people thought about this before, but we should gather all the techniques that are known to work or even new techniques, explanations that were suggested at badminton central into one good book or even an online book stored at badminton central. If someone refers to a technique, he could refer to a page of that online book making the discussion faster and simpler. The book could contain pictures and even video... if new important information is missing, then the online book can be updated. Often people are asking the same questions that were already posted (because they didn't do an appropriate search) so if everyone is refered to this book a lot of posting and questions can be answered. This eliminates a lots of posting and reduce the amount of searching. This would keep the remaining postings more to the point and full of useful of information... lots of people put opinions rather than information which makes reading so long and i don't even bother read posting as much anymore... it is my loss.

A book doesn't only apply to techniques it could also pertain to other important subjects.