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    Default Decathlon Atrengo 900A ISO

    Having a broken racquet on Friday and my spare being in need of restringing I borrowed one of these for the remaining games of the evening, heres my review;
    Grip was a bit small for my liking, I could have used an over grip long term but it was only on loan so I put up with it.
    Officially head light I would say this racquet was head heavy certainly didn’t play like a head light racquet.
    Flex, racquet certainly did flex quite a lot, more than I would expect for a “top of range” racquet.
    Power, nice amount of power and the frame provided a stable hitting base.
    Control, control was let down a couple of times with the strings having shifted but in the most part the feather went where directed.
    Strings, factory strung at 11-12kgs (24-26lbs) (and not played with more than for an hour) I was surprised that the strings where displaced very easily when striking the feather, the strings seemed quite slippery too.

    best I can do for now.
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    this is the first time i've heard of such a racquet.
    any chance of posting a pic or 2?

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