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    Exclamation To surf better - Country Specific Section

    BC forum is awesome. I have never come across any forum so active! And the info it has is phenomenal!

    But sometimes, it does become difficult to surf for a specific info. Espeically if the info needed is country specific. 'Search' option has its own limitations.

    Can it be subdivided into country specific sections? It will be easier for people to surf and navigate, especially the sections like marketplace and others.

    Just a suggestion

    Either way, I love this forum.

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    we have place to play divided by area or country.
    On market place, it is unwise to divide this up by country.
    What if someone from singapore want to sell something to anybody in the world and the post is slotted in SG section, the seller would not get all the possible viewers. I definitely don't want to check WTS or WTB posts from each and every country.

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