Hi everyone,

I suppose stringing preferences have been discussed and rehashed a dozen times over already. However, does anyone know exactly what we are talking about sometimes. I had a lot of talk with the people who do stringing and sometimes they themselves are not sure what are the talking about! Although I would consider them to be excellent stringers in terms of skill and the feel of the strings after stringing.

Here's a few questions which have been bothering me for a while and notbody seems to have a straight answer to them. They are all directed at determining what is better for the long term durability of the racket as well as the string and retension of string tension. They are are as follows:

1. Which method of stringing is better for the racket? 1 string or 2 string patterns?

2. Which is the better stringing pattern ? 23 cross or 22 cross with 22 mains ?

3. Which is the better stringing pattern for tension ? Say you're talking about 24lbs tension. i) 22 mains 24 cross or
ii) 24 mains 22 cross or
iii) 24 mains 24 cross.

Thanks for all the replies. Just hope to end all the controversy once and for all.