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Thread: racquet safety

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    Tom Legerton

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    Today whilst playing my partner played a half smash and was left with 3/4 of the racquet handle in his hand! It was a 100% graphite (including handle, which had sheared) racquet. The rest of the racquet flew into the top of the net. For obvious reasons I don't believe these graphite handled racquets are safe. So the next time you see something really light and are considering buying it, check what the handle is made of!

    If there are any lawyers out there, who would have been liable had someone been injured?

    Just my personal opinion of course.


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    What kind of racket is that? I never heard of any rackets handles made out of graphite. That racket is very unsafe since the graphite might tear his skin if it tears apart from his hand holding the handle.

    Normally, they are made of plastic and wood, like Yonex's rackets.

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