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    Default Downtown Toronto?

    I've been reading the forums, and see a lot of posts from people in the Metro Toronto area.

    A simple question: is there a place in downtown Toronto where I can buy some feather shuttlecocks? I see the postings where the alternatives are north, around Highway 7, or way west on Bloor. These are really off the beaten path, when I live south of Queen Street, east of the Don Valley!

    The last tube I bought from someone at the club, but that's an irregular sort of arrangement. I happened to be going by Sporting Life today, but they haven't stocked feather shuttlecocks since last year, when I bought them there.

    FYI, I play at George Brown College (King Street East, near Sherbourne). It's really close to me. They have 4 courts well-lit courts with wood floors and play with feather birds. I've found the people to generally be friendly. I'm an intermediate player, so getting competition isn't an issue ....

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    Default Re: Downtown Toronto?

    Brown's. They are probably the cheapest place in Toronto; unless you want to buy from Lee's even so, Browns says they will match the price of the shuttles on a 1 gross quantity (for those of you who do not know what 1 gross is, it's 12dozen shuttles)

    The address is:
    2447 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M6S 1P7

    I lived in Kitchener, and drove all the way into downtown for work after school for 4 years there... on Bloor street as well. I would hardly say your journey is all that far. :lol:

    None the less... if you want the goods, at really good prices, sometimes it's worth it to go "out of the way" to get the products.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Downtown shuttles

    Hey, I have played at George Brown before, not too bad at all. Downtown to buy shuttles, hmmm, that is hard to think of. I know Sporting Life doesn't carry shuttles unless it is a fluke shipment, badminton is not on the priority list or lifestyle sports. It's SKI time.....

    Anyways, I believe that you can get shuttles from the owner of Yo Sports, he plays at George Brown on Tuesdays I am pretty sure, he will also do racquet restringing pickup and delivery down at GB, Sea Lion shuttles are pretty good, not too expensive at all, I would use them if I didn't have my HiQua shuttles.


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    Default Re: Downtown shuttles

    If you don't want to travel at all you can buy through mail order - prices are attractive if you stick to specials.

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