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    Default Another visitor to Bintang

    Hi all,
    I hear a lot of good things about Bintang! I am from Edmonton Alberta and I will be travelling to CA on business. I will be in CA from the 29th January till 2nd February and I will hopefully have 1 or 2 evenings free to visit Bintang, since the office is only 20 minutes away in Menlo Park.
    What is a good night to go? Is the club usually pretty busy? I know there are 11 courts so this should not be a problem but you never know. I have already talked to Joseph and I am also hoping to meet a few more BC members while I am there!


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    Just buzz in and let us know when you'll be stopping by. I'll try to arrange for some BC members to come play that day. Maybe Kwun is available on one of those nights.

    Its mainly busy Tuesday and Thursday since more higher level players come that day. There are some A and B players on Wednesdays that come. But the wait time overall is not bad. You should be able to play to your heart's content especially when it starts to get late and people start leaving.

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