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    Default what's the best string for drop shots?

    I'm just wondering, what you guys think is the best string for control, in terms of drop shots. I know not many people like bg68ti cuz it's rather slippery, but i find it has very good control for drop shots. Anyone else feel the same way?

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    Default Re: what's the best string for drop shots?

    i swear by bg-85. it's a tad pricey and i haven't tried the bg88ti and the more esoteric ones, but i find that bg-85 at around 21lb or 22 lb gives me a LOT of feel for all my shots.

    One technique that might help you get a better feel for drop shots is to try them while holding the racquet very very loosely - so loosely that upon impact you can feel the racquet vibrate a little since it's slipping in your hand. if you do this a few times, i personally got a really good feel about exactly how much power i was putting into my drops, vs. how much i needed to put into them.


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    Default Re: what's the best string for drop shots?

    Yes, BG-85 is excellent for control and feel. I've just tried the BG-88Ti. Initial feel is very impressive. Very sharp touch control. However, it felt 'harder' than the BG-85. Which may or may not be a bad thing depending on your shorts.

    One thing to note though is that the spin induced into the shuttle when I try tumble or slice / chop shots is simply incredible ! Definitely stronger than BG-85 in that aspect. But the grouse is that its really pricey and not readily available.

    My recommendation are these 2 strings. I string at 23-24lbs by the way and I use the MP-100 SP.

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    Default Re: what's the best string for drop shots?

    Definitely, BG85. Very accurate and precise. BG85 is more solid at higher tensions. Not meaning when hitting the bird it feels like hitting a wall but gives good soild impact on contact with the bird. Good soild bang when hitting the bird. When having a good day, if I point the bird to a certain spot when I drop it really gets there fast. Of course, when technique is good that day. Even on a off day, the bird doesn't float on drop shots like other strings I've tried.

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    Default Who's this Clive fella

    Another Clive? God forbid. Or maybe this fella is just an imposter posing as me!

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    Default Re: Who's this Clive fella

    Good question, fellow clive !! I'm a grad student at cornell university in upstate new york. what about you ?


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