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    Default yonex power and control ratings... a bunch of crap?

    hi badminton enthusiasts!

    anyone agree that the relative ratings for control and power that yonex puts out for their different racquets is likely more of a gimmick? for example, they rate ti sp's power as a 5, same as a ti10. does anyone believe a ti sp sa is nearly as powerful as ti10? another example is ti7's control. since ti7 and ti10 are quite similar, with exception of ti7 being more flexible and more headlight; so why is ti7 control only a 4, and not like ti10, a 5? and does a cab 8 really deserve a control and power rating of only 2? I personnally have never played much with a cab 8, but i would expect that cab 8 2u is at least as powerful as a ti sp sa, who's power rating is 5! it seems like yonex simply rate their more expensive racquets as being better in terms of control and power; as a gimmick to get us to buy their most expensive racquets. what does everyone think?

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    Default Re: yonex power and control ratings... a bunch of crap?

    we do not know how they run tests to get these results.

    Racquets may perform differently under different test conditions. e.g. a "powerful" racquet for one person may be a no-go for another person and vice-versa.

    Personally, I'd like to try a racquet out first (after been tamed by the experience of having bought a number racquets but only to pass them on).

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