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    Quote Originally Posted by Gollum
    Goodbye everyone. I'll be back when I have something useful for you to read (and I will check my PMs from time to time). And, for those who might actually miss me, take heart: what I'm writing will be good. Really good.
    Ahh, going already? Ok then, good bye and farewell. I don't think I will miss you. Now, I will have noone here to tell me my posts are bollocks; goody, goody !

    Since I am a big believer of diversity of thoughts, of ideas, of theories, of philosophies, of skills, of fitnesses, of techniques, and of people, it would not unduely annoy me if you were to come back soon to defend your patch of grass on BC, or to advance your sense of rigth and wrong, or to claim superiority of your perspective on the sport.
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