The local community college in Fremont has "classes" each Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8:45pm, and Sunday from 5:30-9:45pm (except for holidays), but usually only less than 10 registered students play, so it's virtually just free drop in, with 8 courts available, often half of them empty! Hardwood floors, pretty nice people, just beware the air ventilation on a few of the side courts, but otherwise, the more people the merrier! Most are novices, but a few are relatively decent, so if you come, it's best to bring a friend or few if you're hoping for good competition

Only tricky thing is the metered parking during weeknights, unless you park on street parking about 5-10mins walk away, but the school parking lot is free on Sundays.

Ohlone College 43600 Mission Boulevard Fremont, CA 94539 (Gym is building 9)
Closest 680 exits are Washington or Mission south, 880 is Mission