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    Default What string should I use?

    Hi All

    I am currently using a VF97, a definitely better version of VF95. I am planning to restring it. VF97 is medium stiff 3U racket, with Ti Mesh, and has a recommended string tension of 14-18lbs! (rather low)

    I am looking for a string that will give me a soft feel and enough power. BTW, I used to like those strings that give u good "bang". I am not a hard-hitter, so durable of the string might not be a main concern.

    Please recommend. Thanks.

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    Default Re: What string should I use?

    I think u can actually try teh Natural GUT! I think u cant string it more than 18lbs and taking into consideration the fact that u cant string ur racket more than 18Lbs i think that is the best string!

    Have fun. I am very sure that u will def be very very happy with a natural gut.

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