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    Question Going beyond the manufacturer's recommended tension

    I've settled on some fluorescent yellow BG-80 for my new AT800 Off, but I intend to have a "bedded in" tension of between 24 and 25lb. I assume this will mean the stringer will have to go up to about 27lb in situ (but I'd certainly appreciate any more precise figures anyone can provide with respect to the BG-80 relaxing); the AT800 has an advised limit of 24lb.

    I'm wondering what kind of tolerance is built into rackets (factor of safety, if you will) and just how often they fail when the recommended tension is pushed by a couple of pounds. I constantly hear about the likes of Lin Dan and Jens Eriksson playing with insane tensions that NO off-the-shelf Yonex is rated to, and they seem to make theirs last a (relatively) long time!

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    the tension you want, 24/25 lbs, shouldn't be a problem, Yonex just makes their recommended tensions really low. the only downside to having it strung over the recommended is that your warrenty might be void after. so make sure u get a good stringer to do it

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    If go beyond the recommended tension within a reasonable range, a stringer who knows what s/he's doing is much more important than the tension itself. BG80 does not lose tension as fast as BG65, and its durability is just ok. Therefore, I won't worry too much about the tension lost. I think string with 25lb on a good conditional racket (with a reputable stringer) should be alright.

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