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    Quote Originally Posted by zhafir92
    just wondering , i have been using 26-30 pounds since i started playg at 11. im 15 now. my level would only be intermediate n i play for my school in district level tournaments. everytime i tried a lower tension i would lose power n accuracy in smashes n clears. anyone care to explain? would it b because i am used to it?
    short answer: yes
    long answer: yes and read my and other's previous post on in this topic. lower tension doesn't always give more power. the trampoline effect only works till a certain point. i feel that at 18-20 lbs, i do not achieve max power. i obtain max power at around 25-26 lbs. i string higher tension cuz i like the feeling when i clear n drop (i have less concern on smashes cuz mine aren't powerful to start off with and i don't lose much power even at hight tension... prolly holding racket wrong). also if you aren't used to it, u lose accuracy because you'd have to adjust to compensate.
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    higher tension produces more feels. I hate it when I can feel the string bed "flexes". but cost and somewhat oldschool and non-competent stringer prohibit me in re-stringing often. plus, soccer season is starting!!!

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