u r observation is right..

two yrs back is different, two yr after today is different, gopi has seen their perfermence in 2006 commonweath, therefore didnot want them go any further..his nightmare will be if chetan beat a big tittle in the world, then what happen to him?

so he has been nasty thru out the 2007 and he stopped sending chetan's entry and give lots press release to mentallly troture them..no funds for them to go abroad...even the stadium where these players are playing are also under his threat..with these all mental and financially supression..i guess any player can not play..

however, this national championship has proved all points..i am sure now chetan will show up well ininternational circuit..

gopi will be perish to where he belongs...

pls have trust on these players, india will be proud of them..i donto doubt about it..


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It is a pity that Indian Badminton has come to such a stage when about 2 years or so ago it showed signs of blossoming to become a team to contend with in the international arena. When I saw them at the Melbourne Commonweath Games 2006, team spirit was very high and they met with some success at the Games.

But today, during recent SS, even Chetan Anand found it hard to get past the first round.

While other countries are moving ahead in preparation for their most important assignments, the Thomas and Uber Cups and the epitome of them all, the Beijing Olympics! I suppose we should not expect too much from India during these tournaments.

I always believe that good leadership at all levels is very important to producing sterling results. Unfortunately, recent events in Indian Badminton do not seem to point this way. I hope changes can be made to correct any shortcomings.