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    Unhappy wrist and knee/shin pain? help!

    after playing at my local recreation center, my wrist and knee started to hurt, and i was wondering if u guys know any ways to prevent and treat these injuries. i know that going to the doctor is the best choice, but my wrist really doesnt hurt a lot, just some minor pain when doing backhands using a lot of wrist.

    my knee has been injured before, well kind of. about 7 months ago i went to see the doctor and he said that my knee hurt because my activity level increased dramatically over a short period, of time (i played 7 days a week during the summer) and told me to rest ice, stretch and strengthen it. after i did, it got a lot better. but this time, its a different kind of pain, somewere just below the kneecap, maybe its shin splints or something, but i don't think its as low as the shin. but the thing is, i didnt do anything very stressful to my knees, and it hurt after about and hour of playing. i can still climb stairs and easy stuff like that, but i cant do lungs and hop on one leg. so do any of u guys know how i could help my knee recover? would stretching, and using a treadmill help? and if so, for how long and how often?

    as for my wrist, it doesn't hurt a lot, and im hoping that it will heal in a week or so, probably because i did too many backhands, but i was wondering if i could help it by strechting or icing it. and how would i stretch the wrist? would it be stretching the forearm? would doing dumbell curls help my wrist get stronger? o, and a very general question about badminton, i was wondering if most of my power should come from my wrist or not, as i have read both sides of the arguments in this forum, and i am really confused.

    im really sorry about this long post, as it is geting late, im im kinda scared, because if these kind of injuries occur so oftern, then i might develop a phsycological fear of playing badminton or something

    i know that i asked so many questions, but i would appreciate your answers a lot, and i you don't have any, thanks for reading this anyways!

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    Dynamic stretching prior to training or playing and static stretching after badminton. Try a search for more info on that. Also ice (or ice massage) after badminton, never right before. Ice several times a day.

    Did you check out the Pain in the Legs thread? --

    Check out the links there in posts #6 and #11 as well as some of the other posts that talk about orthotics.

    The wrist problem could be from gripping your racket handle too tightly. (That appears in quite a few threads). You might be using too much wrist extension or flexion rather than other means of producing power -- forearm rotation (pronation & supination), torso rotation, or finger power (squeezing technique).

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