After lots of experimentation, I finally managed to string my Cab 8 and Cab 20 with BG65 at 21/23 lbs successfully on my ATS Sports Super Stringer II dropweight two-point mounting stringing machine.

Just a few comments/questions to those who string rackets:

When I string the mains at even tension throughout, I observe that the racket distorts in shape (becomes wider).
So I adopted my own version of the Universal Proportional Stringing (UPS) and string the mains at 21 lbs in the middle and gradually decreasing to 18 lbs by the time I reach the sides.
I do the same with the crosses, stringing them at 20 lbs at the top, gradually up to 23 lbs in the middle and back to 20 lbs at the bottom.
This method maintains the shape of the racket better, from my observation.

1) Do you observe any distortion of the racket face while stringing or after stringing?
2) If so, how do you minimise this?
3) Do you string at even tension throughout? Or do you use the UPS method too?
4) I prefer to weave all the strings first before tensioning the mains. Do you do this too? Or do you weave the crosses only after you tension all the mains?

Thanks for any comments and suggestions.