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    Default Chen Hong is back but on his own enterprise

    Reported in Star Sport, 6 April, 2007:

    Chen Hong is back just two months afer quitting


    China's Chen Hong will return to action at the Asian Badminton Championships (ABC) in Johor Baru next week just two months after announcing his retirement.

    The 27-year-old world number 6 is not planning to reclaim a spot in the national team, although he still harbours hopes of playing in the Beijing Olympics next year.

    "I can't stay away from badminton. I love it so much," Chen Hong told internet portal

    "I don't want to waste my talent. I'm still striving for the Olympics."

    As he has left the national team, Chen Hong will have to pay for his own training and cover the expense of participating in the tournaments he needs to play to gain Olympic qualifying points.

    "Now I'm not a member of the national team, but a totally free player, an individual enterprise," said Chen Hong, who is married to Taiwan international Ku Pei-Ting, who will also feature in the ABC.

    Chen Hong won back-to-back titles at the China and Denmark Opens late last year but was dropped from the national squad for Doha Asian Games, a decision he attributed to his age. - Reuters

    (I just wonder how he could represent China at the Olympics even if he gains enough ranking points?)

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    I am sure the Chinese BA won't send him.

    But if any two of Lin Dan/Bao Chunlai/Chen Jin are injured just before OG 2008, Chen Hong will have a slim chance.

    I mean, who else can they send, apart from Chen Yu?

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    I think this is positive act to badminton. Same goes to TG and CW, if more players are playing on their own with commercial sponsors, badminton will become least depending on the Nation support, thus, help to promote badminton and more reward for players themselves as an individual, like Tennis.

    Way to go CH! All the best in the ABC!

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