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    David Ngai

    Default isometric 96 VF String Tension

    Hi does anyone know what is a good tension to string an isometric 96 VF? i currently have it at 22 lbs i would have done it higher but i heard that if you do any higher the frame would snap?

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    Default Re: isometric 96 VF String Tension

    Hi Dav,
    Not exactly, the frame will be ok till 26 lbs. Just go ahead and string it if you prefer tighter string. Good luck!

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    Default Re: isometric 96 VF String Tension

    You may want to step it up slowly though David, coz the Iso 96 VF is 3U and the stringing recommendation is only 18lbs.

    But should be ok, i strung my 3U Iso 60 MF Lite at 25lbs. So should be ok..... but don't string it too high coz once you reach around 25lbs on a 3U racket, its starting to push it

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