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    Default HQ3500 vs. Ti-10

    I have heard that the Hi-Qua 3500 is about the same in power/control as the Ti-10, and it is only $109 compared to the $160 of the Ti-10. Does anyone have any experiences with the HQ 3500? Please share if you do.

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    Default Re: HQ3500 vs. Ti-10

    HQ 3500 is an evenly balanced racquet while Ti-10 is an head-heavy racquet.
    The 3500 is great for clears, but doesn't have really powerful steep smashes like the Ti-10. Oh yeah, the 3500 feels like a 2U to me when I tried it out, it must be because I currently use a Iso-TiSP SR

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    Default Re: HQ3500 vs. Ti-10

    Zero, thanks for the input: What do you feel is the best racket around $100 that has a good balance of control and power? Is the Iso-Ti Swing Power pretty good? And, what do "2U" and "SR" stand for?zero wrote:


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