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    Default lower than recommended tension??

    never thought about this... but what happens when you go below recommended tension? why would say... most 3U racquets recommend 16-20lbs? what if you go below 16lbs? why don't 3U racquets simply recommend 20lbs or less?

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    Default Re: lower than recommended tension??

    if u go much less than 16lbs, the stringbed tends to feel very mushy... difficult to hit crisply or with much power. altho' many players can get decent power at the low end of the recommended range (16lbs or so), the ability to generate power at tensions much lower than this will be severely comprimised. One can throw out their shoulder trying to hit deep clears or powerful smashes with very low tensions.

    the ability to cut the shuttle to impart additional spin will also be comprimised. one may experience too much of a trampoline effect when try to hit net drops. for the most part, shuttle control is diminshed with very loose tensions.

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