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    Default Badminton Stores in Korea

    Hey everybody,

    My sister is going to Korea soon and I was consider asking her to get me some badminton stuff but I don't know how the prices compared to other countries. In Canada it's very expensive. I was thinking it's in Asia so it would be cheaper than getting it here. Can anyone give me a rough idea of how much badminton equipment cost in Korea. Also if you have any suggestions of stores that would be great.

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    Most things should be cheaper in Korea. The only things I know of that are cheaper in Canada are Victor racquets and possibly the Yonex SHB-100 shoe. Yonex racquets should be significantly cheaper here as would be most shuttles. Before she goes, check out the prices yourself online. I've found there is very little difference in price between online shops and the real thing.

    As for suggesting a shop, it depends where she'll be. The sports stores around Dongdaemoon Stadium likely have the best deals on racquets but I've never seen any clothing there. The only place she's likely to find a specialty racquet shop is near a gym. I know of a couple in Suwon, Daejeon and Gwacheon but the only gym with a shop that I know of in Seoul is quite tricky to find. If she happened to be visiting someone who lives here, asking said citizen to order stuff online with free, 2- or 3-day delivery might be the way to go.

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