Augusta Badminton Club

When: Thursday nights at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Come whenever you can. No need to reserve or sign up. Just bring your badminton game on!

Where: Garrett Gymnasium (officially called Garrett Community Center) (right next to the Garrett Elementary School) on 1110 Eisenhower Drive

Hello guys,

I know you people probably donít want to read all this gibberish so I posted the important stuff up there first. Hehe

I would like to let everyone know, there is a badminton club in Augusta, Georgia. Everyone is welcome to come and play or watch some badminton. The best part is it is FREE. Yes, FREE.

Extra cool, awesome bonuses:
-RUBBER floor(its nice and blue with boundary lines laid out)
-Climate controlled(air conditioning AND heating(for those rare chill Georgia nights))
-Water fountain(for when you going to die if you donít get that drop of quality H20)
-Play room/study/hang out/look through the window to see the badminton action room(great for your kids to play or study or watch TV)
-Benches to sit on and watch the game

I'm a student and we have a good number of people who come out here and play. From beginners to skilled players, we've even got little ones who are interested in playing and like to hang around when their mom and dads play(we've got a separate little room area for them,too.)

We have a total of 3 courts. Nets and everything is set up by ourselves. Just bring your own rackets and birdies and your ready to go. Sometimes some of us will have extra racquets and birdies for you to use if you donít have any. Just let us know and we will hook up!

As more people and interest present themselves, we will be able to get more days and times for us. I need your help. Everyone counts!

Even if you donít know how to play badminton, come out we will do the best we can to assist you. I know some people who like to sometimes just sit down and watch a good game and you can do that too.

If you have any questions or comments, or if youíre a hot asian chick who wants to play badminton, let me know through my email: supesCPF AT gmail DOT com (replace AT = @ ; DOT = .(to prevent those evil doing spammers)) and I can give you my cell number, not here though because IĎll get those creepy dudes calling me at 3AM for some sugar or something. Thanks for reading this long and confusing post. Hope you come out and join us!