At Suppertime@CCC on Friday 11-May-2007, it was suggested that since our CCC@Waverley will not be held on Friday 18-May-2007 (because our venue is not available), we could try to organise a Friendly Match with MSAC Friday Social Badminton for that night.

It was suggested that we could form a team from our members from Section 2 & 3 to play them.

Well, today, Sunday 13-May-2007, I spoke to the MSAC Badminton about it.

Unfortunately our Friendly Match could not be held on Friday 18-May-2007.

Reason = All the 12 Badminton courts@MSAC have been fully booked for that night.

They suggested to me that perhaps our Friendly Match should be played on a Sunday afternoon, because on Sunday afternoons, more courts are available.

So... here's is something for us@ccc to look forward to, in the near future......

CCC Vs MSAC Friendly Match
to be played on a Sunday in June/July 2007

Cheers... chris@ccc