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    Default Looking for an upgrade from an AT150


    I am currently looking for an upgrade racquet. I currently have an AT150 that I bought just over a year ago. The racquet worked great for me and but I want something with more power. The only thing that is really limiting my decision is the shaft flexibility. I am looking at the armortec racquets that are above mine, namely the AT700. I am afraid that if I get a racquet with a stiff shaft, I won't be able to generate the same power that I can now. Any input or opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    it is difficult to make a recommendation without knowing what level you are at.

    as you are looking for more power, firstly, i want to clarify that a racket doesn't give you power, you yourself does, but if the racket is doesn't match you strength/technique level, it might take power away from you.

    so when you play next time, pay attention to how it feels when you try to hit a long clear or a smash, does the racket feel soft? or does it feel stiff?

    - if it feel soft then perhaps moving to a stiffer racket is good.
    - but if it feel stiff and snappy, then i am afraid you need to think about your own technique first, moving to a stiffer racket will only take even more power away from you.

    also, you can ask your friends and borrow their racket for a few rally and test them out, see which one feels good on your hands.

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