This is my first time, so I'd like to ask some BC members for help. At a community center with 3 courts, we usually get around 20+ people per session, but for the last 2-3 weeks, we've been having around 15 people. Now I thought that 15 was too small a number to make a doubles tournament with, so now we are going to go with singles.

At the club, We have a rough idea of who are the best players. So in my tournament spreadsheet, I've made it so that there are 8 seeded players (automatically in the Main Draw, round of 16) and there are 8 more positions for the others who decide to show up first. If there are more than 8 unseeded players who arrive, then everyone (excluding the 8 seeds) will play in a qualifying round to place for the other 8 positions in the main draw and the rest will go to B flight. There will be 2 flights, A and B. If a player loses their first game, they shall be able to play in B flight. However, if they played in the qualifying round and won, but then lost their next match, they are not able to play in B.

Is this a sensible way of organizing a tournament or is there something wrong with it? Any suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated