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    Default Ideal string & tension

    I have a Ti Swing Power SX. Wondering what would be the ideal string for a hard hitter and ideal tension for this racket. TNX.

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    Default Re: Ideal string & tension

    No one can give you definite answer to question like this. In fact, you can't determine the ideal string & tension for yourself without trial and error.

    As I also played with TiSP SX for sometime, my experience is to use relatively "harder" string will give better result - I believe you are an offensive player as you choose this racquet, when I said better result, I mean more power. So far, I've tried using my TiSP SX with BG75Ti, BG85, MicroLegend and BG66. I personally found that it works very well with BG75Ti. However, BG75Ti is not a good string other than smashes, so you may choose other "hard" strings such as Gosen Aermet, BG68Ti, etc.

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