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    Benji Xavier

    Default Can anyone offer advice?

    Which Is 'head heavier' the MP100 or the Ti SP?

    Also....does grip size vary from racket to racket a 3U for example...'always' a 3U??

    Thanks for your replys!

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    Default Re: Can anyone offer advice?

    I've never held an MP100 or Ti SP SX (the SX is the variant out of the four Ti SP models with the stiffest shaft and heaviest head), so I can't comment from personal experience, although my guess is the MP100 (in 2U weight) would be balanced more toward the head. The predecessor to the Ti SP SX, the Iso 900 SX, might be more head heavy than an MP100, from what I've read here..

    However, the Yonex grips tend to be pretty consistent. A G3 grip feels pretty much like a G3 grip regardless of the model.

    The "3U" characteristic you mentioned is the weight of the racquet. 2U = 90-95g; 3U = 85-89g; 4U = 80-84g

    Balance is sometimes measured in length from the end of the grip. Typical evenly balanced racquets are in approximately the 275-285mm range, with the most head heavy racquets having a balance of 305 or 310mm.

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