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    Default How durable is Ti SP?

    I just wonder how durable Ti SP racquets are. I remember reading somewhere that SA is fragile. I also read the reviews and nobody said anything about their Ti SP breaking (but then only one or two people writing reviews used SA). I wonder if you or anyone you know have ever broken an SR, SS or SX racquet.

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    Lao Liu

    Default Re: How durable is Ti SP?

    In our club, we have 8 Ti SP in different version of sa, sr ,ss,sx. After 12-16 months of play, three (one sa, one ss, one sr) are broken in the frame. Incidently, two at the position of 12 o'clock and one at 10 o'clock. No clash, broken by simply mishit of the shuttles. The string tension on these rackets are 20, 22, 24lbs.

    My impression is that you need a backup if you play with a SP Ti.

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