Is Yonex allowed to advertise on their rackets that all of them are made in Japan! What do they technically mean by MADE in JAPAN! Can the word “Made” be Interchangeably used for DESIGNED! I am sure that the R&D is Located in JAPAN but then The rackets as we know are made in China Or Taiwan! Sometimes it is Outsourced also! So how can Yonex claim that all Their rackets are MADE in JAPAN! I think it is a false claim That Yonex seems to Make about their rackets!

I am sure they have a Product and Process patent! But that does not mean That they can clearly write that all their rackets are made in Japan! Think of the clothing Industry! Most of the Top brands are Outsourced to countries like India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka! But all the manufactures clearly say that It is made in That specific country! Similarly in shoes too! So how can Yonex go about claiming that all their rackets are made in Japan!

I would like everybody’s views on it! Thanks fella’s! I think technically every Yonex racket owner can sue the company!