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    Default New stuff added to Advanced Badminton Techniques book

    A new topic has been added to "Advanced Badminton Techniques"!

    This new article has a profound effect in improving your net shots (make them hug the net more), your slice drops and half-smashes (make the shuttle dip immediately after crossing the net), and your smashes and drives (give them that extra depth and "oomph" which makes them harder to return).

    The new topic covers stroke speeds and string contact time and how they affect your strokes and the techniques to take advantage of them.

    So for those who've purchased the book before, log in and download the updated FAQ pdf now.

    For those who haven't gotten the book yet, here's more reason for getting the book that's gotten raves for improving people's games.

    Check out

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    Thumbs up good stuff!

    Very helpful thanks alot!

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