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    Default Boron 200 Comparison

    I am currently playing with a Boron 200 racquet. I really like it and I am currently shopping around for another racquet and would like to get something similar. I have been unable to find another Boron, (reasonably priced) and was wondering what new racquet would be comparable to the one I have?

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    i have a boron 200 too!
    i use it as a spare racket.i love it!!

    don't know why but don't find hard to switch from my primary(ti-7) to boron.. give it a try

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    Default Re: Boron 200 Comparison

    Dear Joe,

    Is your Boron 200 a product by Yonex, or by Winex ?

    If yours is a Yonex Boron 200, congratulation to you ! It has been discontinued for quite a long time.

    In my opinion, the most closely substitute for Yonex Boron 200 is YY Aerotus 110 or YY Aerotus 77.

    Joe, do you have Boron 2 - another stand-alone powerful weapon in the legend of badminton rackets ?

    YY Fan

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    Default Re: Boron 200 Comparison

    Thxs for the info. I have the yonex boron 200. I also have the Aerotus 110 as my backup and do not like it. I guess I will have to keep searching.

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