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    Default HiQua 3800pro, 3500pro, 3300pro, 900

    can i get some opinions on this company and its racquets?

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    Peter T.

    Default Re: HiQua 3800pro, 3500pro, 3300pro, 900

    i have a hi qua 2000, it's pretty good. it's light and flexible and works out fine for me. no complaints here about them. they're at a good price too

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    Default Re: HiQua 3800pro, 3500pro, 3300pro, 900

    I have the new rackets, Muscle Ace, Ti1000, 3500 &3800 and so far they seem pretty good. Can't beat the price and they have a full lifetime warranty. If you live in the Toronto area and want to try them out let me know your email and I will get them to you

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    I have a Nanoace 8000 and I like it. Feels well balanced just with the paint was more durable. I'll give the Pro series rackets a try soon as well as the Platinum ones and a Nanoace 9000 so I'll post some reviews when I get them to try.

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