We are a London badminton club organise by Malaysia Chinese Society, based at Sommer Town Community Sport Centre, London. The sports centre is approximately 5 mins walk from the Euston station

This is a friendly club and we come together to play every Sunday for some competitive fun. The club consists of an international mixture of adults of various ages, and we always have a mixture of new joiners and members who have been with us for many years. The emphasis is on competitive play, exercise and enjoyment.

the details:

Location :
Sommer Town Community Sport Centre
134, Charlton St, London NW1 1RX

Time :
Every Sunday, from 10.30am to 1.30pm

Standard of the Club :
Intermediate to Advance Standard

Fees :
We charge 5 (non MSC members), 4 (MSC members)
Yearly member fees is 5.

Shuttles :
We use variety of feather Shuttles.

Anyone interested??, what are you waiting for? See you on this Sunday 10.30am sharp. (remember to bring 5, we don't accept cheque or credit card.. )

For more enquiry pls email me at sengyong7@hotmail.com