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    Default Where are shops in Hong Kong?

    I would like to ask where in Hong Kong can you find good badminton shops because I am planning to go to Hong Kong in the summer to visit and buy badminton equipment anything involving badminton in Hong Kong would be great!
    Anyone who can help is great!

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    Default Re: Where are shops in Hong Kong?

    It's been a looooong time since I've been to Hong Kong but I remember that there were quite a few good shops with decent prices in the Kowloon area. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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    CK Kong

    Default Re: Where are shops in Hong Kong?

    Use search function in this forum, you can find a lot.

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    vincent ting

    Default Re: Where are shops in Hong Kong?

    hello Elt

    as I am going back to HK for summer, I know a lot of place for badminton shopping and I play for a few club, should be 3 times a week

    please send send me a e-mail, so we can keep in touch ,

    My friends got a sports shop called Mister keen in Arberden in HK (Hong Kong Side) , and also there is few badmionton shop down Fa Yuen stret , Mong kok

    Send me a e-mail anyway to chat further
    I can bring you to our club in HK and bring you to shops for the best prices if u want!
    as I am really feee on summer, back on mid June
    vincent ting

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